The Beer

We are still working on developing the theme and beer selection for 2016.  You can look at what we had for last year's event below.

The theme of the 2015 Tasting is Wisconsin Craft Beer. There are new breweries & new beers available every other week. With 15 different beers being tasted during the fundraiser, you are bound to find something you will enjoy. The beers will be served in 3 flights...with the live auction taking place between each flight. The Milwaukee Pretzel Company has also graciously donated warm pretzels to snack on during the tasting!

This year we'll be sampling beers from the following local Breweries:

Flight 1
Nude Beach (Point Brewery)
MaiBoch (Sprecher Brewery)
Steel Horse IPA (District 14 Brewery)
Klisch (Lakefront Brewery)
Peche-After (Water Street Brewery)
Flight 2
Beyond the Pale IPA (Point Brewery)
Hefe Weiss (Sprecher Brewery)
Chocomatic LoveMachine (District 14 Brewery)
Star Baby IPA (Brenner Brewing)
Fixed Gear (Lakefront Brewery)
Flight 3
20 Franc Gold (District 14 Brewery)
Bacon Bomb Rauchbier (Brenner Brewing)
Weiss IPA (Water Street Brewery)
New Glarus Totally Naked (Donated by Bert's in Bay View)
Capital Brewery (Donated by the Sugar Maple)

Be sure to stop in to any of these local breweries/bars or pick up your favorite 6-pack from Bert's in Bay View!